Tuesday, 6 March 2007

The Maple State

The Maple State are a fantastic emo/indie/pop band from manchester, and blend amazingly catchy lyrics with sparkling keyboards, and some pretty damn good guitar playing.

I have caught these live quite a few times now, and they havent disappointed yet, and in the near future, they should be releasing their debut album (i hope!)

Claims to fame: Mark Hoppus (of +44 fame) has played the band on one of his podcasts, the band have recorded some songs with members of Motion City Soundtrack producing, and more recently, they have been recording with Andy Gill, from the band Gang of Four.

The single Joanna is out now, via iTunes, or on 7" vinyl.

Recommended: Arguments (myspace)

Monday, 5 March 2007

Out of boredom...

I just decided to start a blog.

Yes, completely out of procrastination.

Basically, the long and short of this matter stems from the fact i'm about to spend another £11.70 that I don't have on buying The Postal Service "Give Up" on vinyl, after hearing Such Great Heights for the millionth time. Funnily enough, this purchase was inspired through hearing the Iron and Wire cover version, which just came on randomly through my iTunes.

Either way, I just thought I'd stake my claim on a piece of the internet (yes the internet can be divided into pieces), to just write about music. Nothing new there, however, I hope you enjoy.