Saturday, 17 May 2008

Lykke Li

Ok, storytime.

I entered a competition in the Metro free newspaper a few weeks ago. I was up at stupid o' clock in the morning due to my housemate's need to get to Staples to get his dissertation printed off and bound, and I decided to get mine printed off too, you know, just to have lying around for fun. Reading said free newspaper on the bus, I saw that they were offering free tickets to see a singer called Lykke Li. Having heard one song from Lykke Li the previous day, for the first time ever, I though, what the hell, and entered. Not even a question, just a text number.

- Little Bit

Bear in mind the last time i was on public transport at stupid o' clock in the morning, I did the same kinda thing, and won tickets to see M.I.A. in birmingham...i was travelling back to Warrington when I entered, and I was in Warrington when they called me to say i'd won. I was on a train back to Birmingham within the next few hours. Snappy.

Anyhow, I entered the competition, then got dissertations bound, headed back home, and ended up falling asleep around 1pm. Very late nights + early mornings = Tired.

Needless to say, around 3pm i was awoken from my slumber and politely informed that I had won tickets to the Lykke Li gig later that day. I was sleepily grateful, and I think I woke up a bit after that. Thank you Metro.

Skip to the gig, I was astounded, having only really heard two songs beforehand, I was in awe the whole time. Upon getting back home, I downloaded her debut album "Youth Novels", which is absolutely fantastic. However, the two songs that she played live that I was truly wowed by aren't even on the album. Crazy.

That said, a short period of searching later, I found that Wow track No. 1, a beautiful song about being on a night out but not "feeling it" (i totally "got" this song, its a feeling i'm very familiar with haha), called "Everybody But Me" was a B-side to her "Little Bit" single, and Wow track No. 2, her closing track "Tonight", was posted on her very own website, as a kind of online bonus track to the album.

- Everybody But Me

If you didn't watch either of the videos in this post, I recommend you do so now, I don't think I can do justice to describing how she sounds. A more delicate poetic version of swedish singer Robyn perhaps?

Either way, her album is worth a listen to, as well as the random bsides/bonus tracks dotted about. She is also playing Manchester at the Night n Day Cafe at the start of June. You know I'll be there.

Stef outx

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