Tuesday, 20 May 2008

One Tree Hill, The Cure, and Tokyo Police Club

Today I watched the series 5 finale of One Tree Hill (yes i watch One Tree Hill, it's nice mindless viewing) and there was this one moment where Peyton (who is in love with Lucas) painted a huge comet on the RiverCourt (an outside basketball court) with the lyrics to Lovesong by The Cure all around it. Lucas sees it later on, and is suitably impressed.

I thought this was amazing, and have been listening to that song a lot today. Video? Video. Listen to the lyrics, and you'll see why I think the whole basketball court thing is amazing.

Other than teen melodrama and The Cure, today I'm loving Tokyo Police Club a lot. For those who have yet to hear this amazing band, here's a primer: They are four guys from Canada, they released a mini-album last year called "A Lesson In Crime" which was 7 short tracks of energetic brilliance, and they've just released their newest effort, Elephant Shell. Single no.2 from this in "In a Cave". Video of which is...here: Love the concept of this.

Tokyo Police Club are surely on their way to bigger things, for one,
In A Cave is one of the catchiest songs on the album, and its refrain of "Elephant shell/You're my cave and i've been hiding out", is the stuff of msn names and scribbled lyrics on the fronts of notepads worldwide. The band also put on a pretty awesome live show, the things they do with tambourines are impressive to say the least. They are playing Manchester Night n Day cafe the day before Lykke Li interestingly, on the 1st June. Two nights in manchester, two amazing acts. I personally can't wait.

Also interesting news, if you visit their myspace now, you can download an exclusive remix of former single "Tesselate" by Tom from Los Campesinos!. Sorted, and sorted.

The single, "In A Cave" is out on June 26th through Memphis Industries.

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M. Britton said...

I don't know how TPC haven't hit the bigtime already, if I'm honest. they're truly amazing - i saw them last night and they were brilliant. Citizens of Tomorrow was a shock favourite - and they were about 60 times better than when i saw them at leeds festival.

Also, Lykke Li - worth seeing?