Saturday, 12 July 2008

From my draft text's folder tonight:

the amount of intertangled stories there are on one single night out; An absolute tonne.

Conflict of interest, endings that create disaster, masked as simple victory.

night allx

Friday, 11 July 2008

Gig tickets

Back at home (where i currently am for a bit) in my bedroom, all that remains of all my old band posters (that followed me to university) are a trail of gig tickets winding their way around about 2 sides of my room (i think if they were in a straight line i could make it all the way round you know). And for the first time in ages, I had a proper look at them tonight, and it's a strange experience.

Its goes something like this: First gig experiences (incubus, jimmy eat world), crowdsurfing (rival schools, A), meeting bands (36 crazyfists, coheed), amazing singalongs (dashboard confessional, brand new), crushes, both the crowd and other (lostprophets, the distillers), first gig on own (boys night out), first gigs Not on own ifyougetmymeaning (colour of fire, reuben, horrorpops), gigs when the Not on own stuff started to go bad (v 2004, datsuns), crazy photography days (taking back sunday, my chemical romance), crazy streetteaming days (bloc party, steriogram), WHSmiths crew gigs (Bright Eyes, Yourcodenameis:milo, we are scientists, Regina Spektor x 2), Silly gigs in birmingham with train station overnight stays (we are scientists, the first time), gigs with good friends (mc lars, fightstar, motion city soundtrack, maple state), university adventures (help she can't swim, panic at the disco, we are scientists, be your own pet, get cape, tanaou, maria taylor), university outings with fun endings (nightmare of you, the paddingtons, ok go), gigs with hillard that ruled (goldie lookin chain, we are scientists (in wales no less)), summer-after-first-year gigs (jeremy warmsley, regina spektor (again!), say anything), LONDON BABY! gigs (brand new!),Budg in stoke gigs (mc lars, :(, fightstar) , gigs notonown again (motion city soundtrack), -Pausebuttonforawhileforreasonsbestnevermentionedasusual - then Gig that fixed me (The Maple State at the Roadhouse, namely "Our Temperate Lives"), gigs notonown again for a bit (blood brothers, get cape, brand new, regina), gigs on own but with friends again (klaxons) ,gigs notonown again, but better (emily haines, Manchester Orchestra w/Anathallo, regina spektor again!)

and then whoa. basically up to date, bar the gigs i went to in the last year, and my memory fails me there. i remember athlete, lykke li (twice, both amazing) M.I.A. with Mia, Rival AWESOME i mean Schools, ermm Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip.

There's a story of the last 6 and a half years of my life wrapped inside the pattern of those gig tickets.

Deep man.

Stef outx

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Bam! Its typing time!

Hey boys and hey girls, time for an everything update!

I have spent the last week of my life being absolutely obsessed with Doctor Who, and it's not a good obsession! I seem to be living in this little inbetween period of my life where I need to be making important career moves, jobhunting, all that jazz, but the idea of time travelling and mad adventures seems a hell of a lot more interesting.

Anyway, as I said, that's how I've spent my last week, and don't get me wrong, I've been jobhunting too, but today, it changes. I'm going to be much, much more focused on the job thing from today. Besides, once all that is sorted, then I can probably laze about and watch saturday evening sci-fi comedy-drama all I want. And House too.


Be the change you want to see in the world
Everything changes with change. That sounded cooler in my head.
Most things seem to, this is an honest fact.
You have no idea. But then neither do I.

Years can be amazing when their potential is reached.
Onto brighter, lighter places seems like a good ideology now.
Underneath stars and planets there is universal truth.
Can normality make real sense of today?

My brain finds fiction amazing. But still finds space for fact.
Old lessons teach everyone new tricks.
Dealing from new decks of cards makes new games happen.
Everyone loves card games. RIGHT?

Or just create a new idea of what "sense" is?
Ultimately I've no idea, but I like the idea of thinking about it.
Love the idea of thinking about it, thinking is never overrated.
Don't you think so? Thoughts are absolutely worth everything.

Left Right Up Down A B & Start. Rearranged. Level Select.


I can't wait for the next bit of my life to start really.

What's been interesting is putting my newest album - Hurry Up, Hurricane - online for people to download ( if you are interested). I've had so much good feedback from people, it's definately the work i'm most proud of so far. Lyrically i'm improving as well, although I can never put my finger on what I'm writing about, some of it seems rooted in fiction, but I know some of it is based on fact, I just forget what though. It's essentially all from my head. I think the first track is the most honest, that was an honest snapshot of where my head was at when writing the album. I'll transcribe it at some point, will be good to see it written down.

In terms of music, I can't get enough of Hot Club De Paris recently, their recent single "Hey Housebrick" is the best pop song of this year so far, and i just found out the other day, after about a month of loving the song, that Lucy and Nicola from Puzzle do the "Hey!" vocals in it! This is doubly awesome because I've recorded Puzzle before :) Six degrees of seperation or what!

Somehow everyone knows everyone.

Right, I'm off to eat breakfast, write 14 job applications (maybe 15 to round things up) and then as a reward maybe play Final Fantasy XII. Good game.

Crowd participation- tell me your favourite song of the moment in the comments, I think i'm going to make an awesome compilation of everyones current favourite songs...that would be quite cool thinking about it :)