Monday, 25 August 2008

So, you want to read some amazing comic books? Part Two!

Okay! I put this off unwittingly, but now it's time for part two of my adventures into graphic novels. These are the ones you really want to check out, even if you don't know it yet. I can safely say this: All of these graphic novels are fantastically written, have fantastic artwork, and are just basically a good time for all. Lets begin...or continue even.

The Watchmen by Alan Moore

This is hands down amazing. It's not surprising to hear that a film is being made from this fantastic graphic novel. The story largely centres around a defunct group of superheroes in a future where being a superhero-vigilante-type is outlawed, and the death of one of the team starts drawing the original team back together, with an absolutely thrilling finale.

What's also brilliant is how there are so many brilliant characters, from the anti-hero Rorschach, the controversial Comedian, and the enigmatic Dr. Manhatten. Each of the main characters gets a bit of a back story as well, as this adds to the feeling of the whole story, as we are constantly being introduced to characters all the way through, keeping the story entirely gripping.

Needless to say, as The Dark Knight has been my mostly anticipated film of 2008, Watchmen will be my most anticipated of 2009 by a long way.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller

Frank Miller completely takes hold of the Batman franchise, and makes it his own. Set in a future where Bruce Wayne has retired Batman for the past ten years, we are shown a future Gotham City, where crime has essentially spiralled out of control. Needless to say, Batman doesn't stay out of commission for long, and as well as brief encounters with Harvey Dent, A new Robin, and even Superman, he has absolutely epic battles with the leader of the vigilante army terrorising Gotham, and of course, his old enemy, The Joker.

This is an absolutely out of this world story, and it guarantees gripping you until the end. If the Batman film franchise gets stale again, this would be the perfect story to knock it back into shape again, no doubt.

Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again by Frank Miller

The sequel to The Dark Knight Returns is another fantastic Batman story by Frank Miller. Without giving too much away, the story goes on a big Batman vs Superman tangent, and if you want to see an absolutely epic battle between Batman and Superman, this is the comic book for exactly that.

I can't give away anymore about this one, but again, it's worth the read!

Batman: Hush by Jeph Loeb

After Frank Miller's futuristic Batman books, we jump back to the "present" day, and a mysteriously bandaged villain is attempting to sabotage Batman's every move. As with The Long Halloween, and Dark Victory, Loeb yet again writes another fantastic Batman mystery, and even broaches the subject of Batmans' romantic links with Catwoman.

Oh and expect The Joker, as well as Harley Quinn also. Another great story.

300 by Frank Miller

This is absolutely beautiful. This whole graphic
novel is set out in a painted, double page layout, and if you've seen the film, this is like reading storyboards for the film, it's that amazing.

The story, of course, is all about King Leonidas, and his 300-strong army of Spartans, who attempted to go to war with thousands upon thousands of the Persian army, in a battle for Greek honour.

This is one worth buying for the art alone, every page would make a stunning picture on any comic book fans wall.

Ok, that's it for now, i'm sure i'll write more regular, maybe even LONGER reviews of comic books as and when i read them.

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