Friday, 26 December 2008

Stef reviews... His christmas presents '08

So, let me explain the feelings behind this post first; It's early saturday 27th december, and I'm planning on catching up on my christmas tv via iPlayer (Charlie Brooker and Gavin and Stacey are calling me...), but i'm currently listening to Okkervil River - The Stage Names on vinyl, and it's that lovely that I have to do something else than watch things for another half an hour, cos I'm a little bit involved in this record right now. So; My christmas presents '08: The Review.

Okkervil River - The Stage Names 12" LP

Released in 2007, this is THE alternative pop album you need in your life. Currently making my ears very happy. Recommended listening? Unless It's Kicks.

Pretty Girls Make Graves - The New Romance 12" LP

Sexy album, the beginning of track one is a bit overly scratchy due to the vinyl, but All Medicated Geniuses and This Is Our Emergency are absolutely classic art-rock songs.

Boys Night Out - Make Yourself Sick Blue/Black 12" LP

Loved this album for years, when I saw that Vinyl Collective were released it on black and blue vinyl, I had to get it. Arrived in the mail on christmas eve, this gets the "best timing of the year award"

Saves The Day - Stay What You Are 12" LP

F. I. R. E. F. L. Y.

Enough said. That song on vinyl is pretty much happy thoughts all round.

Watchmen by Alan Moore graphic novel

Having already read this on my computer via the interweb, I decided to actually get the real thing, and it is by far the best graphic novel I've ever read. Such a great story, and there is so much depth to it as well.

Sonic The Comic #100

Years ago, I collected Sonic the Comic. I read it every week without fail, and when I eventually stopped, my parents got rid of them all :(  But now, pretty much over ten years on, I found a site where I could order the old copies, and thought i'd get the epic issue 100. I'm currently reading all the back issues online, i'm up to #55 :) And i'm back to playing Sonic 3 via a Sega MegaDrive emulator on my DS. Good times.

Rhys Darby - Imagine That! DVD

He isn't just Murray the manager off Flight Of The Conchords (or just the manager of Jim Carreys workplace in Yes Man (which is awesome!)!), he is also a wicked stand up, with an act that highlights his amazing talents at mime with sound effects. You ever wonder what the whole "trapped in a box" mime routine would be like with added noises? Wonder no more :D

Peep Show - Series 1-5 Boxset

I want to be more like Johnson if I'm honest. You know this series is ace already, right?

Russell Brand - My Booky Wook

Yes I like Russell Brand, he is both funny and interesting. And that whole Andrew Sachs thing was BLATENTLY Jonathan Ross's fault. Either way, this looks like a really interesting life story.

Lucky Charms cereal from my Dad

I was so excited I didn't see the lid of the cereal box was taped down a bit. My heart visibly sunk as my parents chortled at me. Inside the box was:

- A note explaining there was a credit crunch on (back story needed here; Lucky charms arent sold widely in the UK, just imported in from the US and sold for like £7.49 a box in Selfridges stores), and instructions on what to do with the rest of the contents of the box.
- A packet of standard marshmallows
- A packet of cheerios
- My epic sadness

I'll say this; The thought that went into this elaborate scheme is amazingly commendable. However, it calls for revenge at some point.

Lucky Charms cereal from my sister

LUCKILY (haha) my sis saved the day; She bought me some real Lucky Charms. WOO

New Wallet

It is okay, but I fear lack of card slots/money sections will prove an eventual hinderance. Will seek out more heavy duty alternative, relegating this to the still-quite-sexy "my night out wallet" status.

Chocolates and Sweets 


Aftershaves, Perfume stuff

Issey Miyake (?) stuff I already use, but I have run out of: Win.
The other two new ones I got: Win.

Should keep me smelling delightful for another year

Gift vouchers

Always appreciated.

I think that covers it, thank you's go out to all of my loved ones.

Note: I did actually buy the majority of my presents myself, with my parents letting me off two weeks of rent in compensation. There's still some thought that counts there :)

Merry Christmas 2008 all!

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