Monday, 26 January 2009

BBC Sound Of 2009; An Intervention

This morning, I finally got round to checking out some more of the acts from the BBC's "Sounds Of 2009" picks for this year. Previous winners of their sound of 2009 accolade has been Adele and Mika, so you can bet any amount that whoever they choose will probably get quite big this year.

Anyway, Little Boots and Florence and the Machine both featured quite highly this year, and they are both fine acts; the former a bedroom pop star complete with tenori-on (it's the coolest musical instrument/sampler that you all want, i know i do!) and the latter a kookier-with-every-interview-but-still-less-weird-than-kate-bush Kate Bush for the new millenium. Kinda. Find their myspaces and make your own decisions - key tracks are Little Boots - Meddle, and Florence and the Machine - Dog Days.

Anyway, I digress!

Essentially the BBC Sound of 2009, who those aren't familiar with it, starts off with a shortlist of new acts, and then US - the general public - vote for our favourite. This time around, Little Boots won, and a lot of other acts featured quite highly in the top 10, but one name i'd noticed in the shortlist that didn't seem to be in the most voted was Frankmusik.

Initially, I gotta say, the name put me off a bit. It made me think of Kraftwerk, which is no bad thing, but I couldn't imagine what I thought could be a modern day version of Kraftwerk. (See:Europop)

Anyway! Fairly recently my good pal Corin Bryant send me a link on youtube to some music video which is basically a girl in her underwear hula-hooping.  That video was no less than Frankmusik's In Step. And it's a gloriously glitchy synthy pop track. Nice! Check that video out here:

Coming right up to date, today I saw the video for his new single Three Little Words. And it's absolutely brilliant. It's like if you shoved Alphabeat and Mika together into a blender and then put into a glass full of crushed Crystal Castles, and then Calvin Harris to drink it. Hold on, what the hell am I talking about? Time to go to work. Here's the video!

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