Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Stef Reviews... 001) Copeland - You Are My Sunshine

Copeland are a great little band that, until today, I hadn't heard from since their 2005 album "In Motion", which was an amazing collection of up-tempo, melodic indie rock tracks, with an almost lullaby-esque quality to singer Aaron Marsh's voice highlighted against beautiful soundscapes of chiming guitars and piano.

A few albums later (that I feel I should go back and visit at some point) and they have released "You Are My Sunshine", which is an incredibly amazing album. "Good Morning Fire Eater" is a definite highlight, featuring a slow, lovely build up of vocals, guitars and synths that explode into life via a perfect drum beat.

The dreamy vocals of Aaron Marsh are still a highlight of this record, with every line he sings sounding as perfectly dream-like as the next.

The album is wrapped up by the epic 10 minute closing track "Not So Tough, Found Out" which is a wonderous swirl of electronic bleeps and buzzes, drum machine, electronic piano, and beautifully phrased female vocals.

Overall, I highly recommend this album for the chilled out end of winter months; It complements the weather of the current winter months, plus has the staying power to make the start of spring seem as magical as possible


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