Friday, 6 March 2009

Stef Reviews - Calories - Adventuring

I didn't even know, until coming to write this little review, that Calories were made up of members of former Birmingham band Distophia. And I used to like Distophia. Madness.

Adventuring is a brilliant little album to get excited about. "Off we go, into the sunset," they sing, "off we flee, into the sea" to kick off the record in "A Bear, A Bison", a great upbeat song that gets you in the spirit of things straight away, from each building verse, to each group-laden chorus. It's uplifting stuff.

Songs such as "Caught In The In-between" and "To Encounter A Deer" channel the spirits of Idlewild past (back when they were more punky and awesome, "When I Argue, I See Shapes" anyone?), before "Adventuring" kicks in with it's Futureheads-esque chorus of "Adventuring, is dangerous, but danger can be fun", and is by far the catchiest song on the record, with some inspired instrumental sections, and great guitar lines.

The next few songs take a turn for 90's indie punk again, before "Drugged" ambles in, with it's laid back verse leading into a group vocal lead chorus of "Everything is beautiful, and ends some way, and then it's gone, and then it's not", which I can only imagine creates some amazing live show singalongs.

"Same Ideals" almost sounds like a Johnny Foreigner song for the first 20 seconds, but then turns into a different beast as it merges into next track "(See You On The Expedition)", almost like a hybrid of Biffy Clyro and Jetplane Landing, but without the scottish and irish accents respectively. "See you on the the expedition" sing Calories, continuing the "adventuring" feel that this album carries throughout.

At only 23 minutes long, this album is Calories' self professed "punk album", but it truly is 23 minutes that you'll be listening to again and again; no song outstays it's welcome, and things are kept sounding fresh throughout. As the looped ending to "Forests Of Varg" plays out, you'll be (must avoid obviously reaching for repeat button review cliche) uurm, moving your mouse to click track one of this album in your iTunes again. So you hear it all again.

Calories - Adventuring can be bought from their myspace for £9, and comes with a 26 track bonus CD-R of demos and other tracks. This is what's called value for money! :D

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