Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Review: Dananananaykroyd – Hey Everyone

Hey Everyone is one of the most out-there fun records of 2009. Fact. The Scottish septet sound so upbeat and energetic that you can’t help but get taken in by the all-or-nothing rock music on this CD.

Things start off by building up to the absolutely brilliant “Watch This”, with its introductory group vocals of “Da-na-na-nan-ayk-royd!” leading into a cheeky little “Hiya! WATCH THIS! WATCH THIS” vocal, and that’s it. Hooked. The rest of the song is a brilliant little jagged pop song, and a great starter to the record.

Standout track number two is easily recent single “Black Wax”, which demonstrates the band’s ability to take their collective feet off the gas for a while, and create a slow burning singalong anthem. The energy is still there however, with group “woo”’s and quite lovely guitar work.

Talking of lovely guitar work, enter the brilliant “Infinity Milk”, which we given a preview of as such on previous Ep, “Sissy Hits”, with it’s 1-minute long finale of “Infinity Milk (Outro)”. Basically that one minute? Only the beginning of the ride, with it’s fantastic guitar riff building up to a collective group vocal of “Oh, my, god!” and bam, we’re away again, on another whirling, jagged pop song. Highlight of the entire record comes around 2 minutes in, with the little verse segment about atoms – “She, looks up and quietly says, “are these atoms?” “these are atoms” “I’m holding them” “ that just comes across so full of cheeky Glaswegian spirit. It’s a brilliant song. Fact.

Honourable mentions also go to former singles “Pink Sabbath”, and “Totally Bone” both coming with such awesome group vocal opportunities, that the band outline which lines you should sing along to in the lyrics booklet. Now that’s just lovely.
In total, Dananananaykroyd have delivered a brilliant debut album for jumping around your bedroom to/someone else’s bedroom to/the whole wide world to. You’d be honestly stupid not to give this record a chance. By far the most fun you can have on an indie-rock album this year.

Rating - A

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