Saturday, 4 July 2009

Review: La Roux - La Roux

The debut album from hotly tipped duo La Roux, aka singer Elly Jackson, and producer Ben Langmaid, is full of bitcrushed drumbeats, synth lines, and amazing vocal hooks from start to finish.

However, after the opening triple-punch of singles "In For The Kill", "Quicksand" and "Bulletproof", there is a feeling of musical deja vu, with highly repetitive choruses, and the odd chord change here and there that has the ability to almost make you think you've accidentally skipped back a few songs.

Standout tracks are easily "I'm Not Your Toy" and the aforementioned singles, but unfortunately the rest of the album tracks don't leave much of an impression, even though they really try to.

Overall, it's a fairly good pop album, but it suffers from the same fate as similarly-tipped Little Boots' debut, "Hands"; Some killer, but mostly filler.

Rating: C-

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